The Kokrajhar Govt. College Library was established in 1959 with a view to attempting to cater to the wider needs of the students, teacher and the scholars as well as other staff members of the college. Since its inception, the library has been playing a wonderful role not only in supporting the class room instructional program of the college but also has been able to unfold the horizon of the knowledge in respect of the different programs carried out from time to time by the college. The library is doing a valuable job by rendering assistance to the students, teachers, scholars and the inquisitive readers who can dip into pages of valuable books by getting hold of them. 


The mission of our Library is to set high standards of excellence in the preservation of knowledge and also to serve as an effective instrument of development and change for the state and the rest of the country by pursuing and promoting faithfully and comprehensively the cultural scientific and technological experience of mankind accumulated over the Millennia and thereby ensuring the continuity and advancement of human civilization.


The Kokrajhar Govt. College library plays a vital role in the collection development and dissemination of subject information to meet the present and future of the college. The College library has a collection of about 34741 copies text and reference books covering a wide range of subjects. Besides these, some useful Journals, Magazines and News Papers are subscribed regularly which serves the multifarious needs of the student community. There is a Reading Room attached to library where reference books, journals, magazines and newspapers can be consulted. The calm and quiet atmosphere of the room provide an opportunity of deep concentration and study and help build up thinking and concentration of thought to the readers those who happen to visit the library off and on. Library Building is made of green building concept. Apart from it, every department of the college is also provided with books on varied topics including textbooks and reference books for departmental use which can be loaned out of the students (primarily students of Major Course) as well as issued to the faculty members for their use. The library also has the Special facility for the poor students who do not possess sufficient purchasing power to get all their requirements met. The section give relief to such students to a considerable extend by extending them the facility to borrow books for study at home.Preservation of books with utmost care is a major responsibility. For this purpose, there is one conservation unit with fumigation chamber where books are preserved with all care under the guidance and supervision of a trained and experience Librarian. Each student is issued a library card. The librarian issues the books against this card. No student can keep a book for more than 14 days. Defaulters are fined. Reference books are not issued. These are meant for studying in the library. Generally during the vacant period’s students used to go to the library and study there.


The Kokrajhar Govt. College Library started its carrier in the early part of 1959 with two Almirahs. It was accommodated in the office room of the college and was managed by the office cum library assistant. After long time library was shifted to the Assam type structure and was run under the supervision of Prof-in-charge till 1995. Initial investment for library purpose was Rs. 200/- (two hundred only). Late Piyari Mohan Brahma, the founder clerk of the college was engaged in managing the library affairs besides his office work.






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